“Einmal Meerjungfrau – Fühle dich wie eine Wassernixe”. Know Its Real Meaning

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? It’s a dream that can’t be realized in reality, but it can be assumed. Mermaids are water creatures, though there is no evidence of their existence in the real world, but fairy tales have lot to tell about this marine creature or water woman. In some literature, it has been mentioned that mermaids married humans also, though you can’t find a mermaid in reality as your life partner. Different people have different views about mermaid because they learn about them from different literatures. These are created contents without a scientific evidence.

Einmal Meerjungfrau – Fühle dich wie eine Wassernixe meaning

The truth is that mermaid is virtually a symbol of beauty. It is like a princess in the water. You would like to see your little daughter in the mermaid form, and this possible when you buy a mermaid fin for her and she wears mermaid costume. It is said “Einmal Meerjungfrau – Fühle dich wie eine Wassernixe.” What does it mean? This is a sentence in German language for “Once a mermaid – feel like a water mermaid.” What do you think? Once your cute little daughter wears mermaid costume, would feel like a water mermaid. Let her allow to swim in the water with this costume. The mermaid fin will offer the comfort of swimming in water like a fish.

Have a real feeling of being a mermaid

Mermaid is deemed to be half human upper body and half fish lower body. So, it has a connection with swimming and diving like a fish which is not possible without mermaid fin. What we said earlier, “Einmal Meerjungfrau – Fühle dich wie eine Wassernixe” is true because mermaid fin and costume is specially designed to fit on the child’s body and to make movements like a mermaid. This gives real feeling of being a mermaid and your child van enjoy like anything in this world.

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