Gaming Communities & Their Sucking Personalities

Gaming communities are created with specific objectives. The sucking of gamers in these communities is mostly due to one reason that the members share several things in common on a gaming community site. They usually interact and communicate on issues of common interests. They don’t meet but interact virtually on online platform. A game developer has no direct connection with its target audiences, but a gaming community can bridge this gap by becoming a channel of communication between game developer and target audiences.

The concept of game community

A game review platform builds relationship of gamers with game developer so that concerns of gamers are communicated to a game developer. The concept of game community is working well because it fulfills most needs of gamers and offers a 먹튀검증 of game so that they can choose and play a game effectively. Online gaming communities involve different types of gaming personalities. We generally categorize these personalities into five types.

Sucking personalities in online gaming communities

On the top of gaming personalities is the casual gamer. Every game undeniably has casual gamers or players for whom game may be more challenging. They need regular interaction with game community for their play needs. the hardcore players may also be casual players many times. The gamers in second category are the theory crafter that are most dedicated players, usually, hardcore players.

They have more analytical mind and more familiarity with game mechanics to use strategies in better ways. Third category is that of tinkerers who take interest in bringing creativity into the gameplay. They love to develop their own content. Next category is that of pro gamers that are most valuable players in a studio. They are professional players and big influencers. Last category is that of the trolls, who think that they are better than everyone else, regardless of their status as a player. They are attention-seekers and are hard to deal with.

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