Bath Bombs: Bathing for Fun, Relaxing & Body Benefits

The name ‘bath bomb’ appears to be quizzest because an attached term ‘bomb’ with another term makes the first one fierce. Bomb actually refers to an explosive-filled container, a destructive substance, which has tendency to explode and cause lethal damages. For most people, bath bomb, thus, may be an unheard odd name which can have some adverse effect, but the fact is something else.

What are bath bombs

Bath bombs are palm-sized spherical blocks that are used for bathing. They dissolve in bath water quickly on tossing and fizzle, unlike other bath soaps. Bath bombs are all-natural products that are usually made by mixing baking soda and citric acid, and blending this mixture with plant oils and essential oils. To this, a little bit of witch hazel is added. Witch hazel is a natural plant material which has powerful medicinal properties and it also helps in sticking the mixture, when hand-pressed. Thus, everything about bath bomb is unique.

bulk bath bombs

Why bath bombs are good for bathing

Bath bombs are products that are used in bathing, especially for fun bath. The best about use of these products is that they are harmless due to their natural composition, but are available in a variety of fragrances and for various benefits. They are specifically made to create body relaxation, soothing and detox effect. Bath bombs are, therefore, good choice for bathing, except for those who are allergic to scents. The people sensitive to scent may, instead, try an alternative by adding bath salts to their bath or soaking tub. Bath salts are less fragrant, but are highly relaxing and detoxifying.

Where to buy bath bombs

Bathing, using bath bomb, is a gratifying experience, and bulk bath bombs are available on grocery or retail stores such as Whole Foods. These products are also available on online marketplaces and can be ordered in bulk. There are unlimited fragrances to purchase. The bulk packs of bath bombs are also available in assorted fragrances.

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