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Do you understand worth of your sleep? Good sleep is necessary for healthy life and this worth is reflected in your sleeping pattern and the facilities you have to sleep during night. You spend nearly one-third of life in sleeping. Let it understand this way. An average eight hours of sleep a day is equal to 2,920 hours a year of 8,760 hours. A sleep will, therefore, take 204,400 hours out of an average life span of about 70 years or say 613,200 hours at present which is 33.33% or one-third of lifetime.


Why people can’t have enough sleep at night

The sleep comfort is thus very significant considering sleep time in entire life, though sleep pattern varies with age. A newborn infant sleep for around 18 hours a day and this time decrease when he starts to grow. Teens in contemporary time usually sleep for less than 8 hours as they get engaged in either late night study or social media interaction. Adults may not have enough sleep due to stress of job or business and family life. The elders usually have some sort of medical complications that keep them awake during night.

Visit website for secret of good sleep

A good sleep is important for healthy life and you should, therefore, try to enjoy a good sleep in your life. How you can enjoy a good sleep? You can enjoy this if you have good sleep facilities. Visit website to know how you can avail these benefits. A secret of good sleep is hidden in appropriate bed accessories because these are the only source of comfort that offers relaxation to your body. You can’t have a sound sleep without a relaxed mind and body.

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